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IWC Explores Tel Aviv's Ancient Past

Spring Semester 2019 at Tel Aviv University will take us from Iron Age Tel Qudadi at the mouth of the Yarkon River to pre-historic Jaljulia in the east and Persian Ashkelon further south.

The Archaeology of Tel Aviv

Join us for a series of 13 lectures on the ancient history of Israel's vibrant urban center and its periphery.

From pre-historic times to the present, the area of Tel Aviv and its surroundings have adjusted to an array of civilizations, leaving behind a collection of material remains that tell a complex cyclical story of thriving prosperity and eventual cultural and economic decline.

The schedule will be as follows:


Dr. Alexander Fantalkin

Archaeology of Tel Aviv during the Iron Age: Rediscovering the Iron Age Fortress at Tel Qudadi at the mouth of the Yarkon River.


Dr. Ido Koch

The Yarkon/Ayalon Basin and the Assyrian Colonialism


Dr. Oren Tal

Apollonia-Arsuf – The Site, Its Hinterland and Greater Periphery.


Dr. Amir Golani

Beyond Just Pretty Objects: Jewelry's Significance in the Ancient Near East


Dr. Yiftah Shalev

From Tyrian Dor to Sidonian Ashkelon: Southern Phoenicia during the Persian Period


Election day (no lecture)


Dr. Yoav Arbel

Never too Late: Changes and Riddles in Ottoman Jaffa.


Mr. Assaf Kleiman

Aphek in the Sharon and Israel’s Expansion into the Central Coastal Plain.


Mr. Yoram Haimi

Archaeological Research at the Sobibór Death Camp


Mr. Aviad Agam

Watching the River Flow: Acheulian Lifeways and Decision Making in Late Acheulian Jaljulia (Israel)


Ms. Bar Efrati

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: A Review of the Late Lower Palaeolithic Site of Qesem Cave, Central Israel (420-200,000 years ago).


Prof. Amnon Bar Or

“To Forget Erases Nothing”—Preserving Jaffa

The Toolbox for Conservation in Jaffa Creates Memory Disorder


Mr. Vladimir Avrutis

“His eyes shall be red with wine…”. A Thousand Years of Winemaking in Holy Land


Ms. Heeli Schechter

Jewels from the Sea: The Use of Shells in the Neolithic Period

Place: Gilman Building, Room 282, Tel Aviv University

Lectures: 9am – 11:30am with a half-hour break

Cost for the semester: 400 NIS, 750 NIS per couple

Cost for an individual lecture: NIS 50

Coordinator: Noa Ranzer 054-5906573

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