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IWC Dec. 20 Museum Tour: Eretz Israel & Natural History

You're invited to join IWC Archaeology in English in its continuing exploration of Tel Aviv's ancient history, natural treasures, cultural transformation, and dynamic modern expression.

This time, the destination is to two fascinating museums right next to Tel Aviv University: The Eretz Israel Museum and the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History.

Date: Thursday, December 20, 2018 9:30 AM - Meet at entrance of Eretz Israel Museum 10:00-12:00 Eretz Israel Museum tour with curator, Dr. Etan Ayalon 12:00-13:30 Lunch and transfer to Natural History Museum 13:30-15:00 Tour in the Natural History Museum by museum chair, Prof. Tamar Dayan

Cost: 120 NIS

Contact information: Ilona - 054 4506678 Noa - 054 5906573

This trip is suitable for people who are independent and do not need assistance, but is an easy walking tour (inside the surrounding of the museums only). It is open to all English speaking friends. Please remember that time is a flexible dimension and may vary from the plan.

The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, is a multidisciplinary museum that focuses on the history and culture of Israel through comprehensive permanent and temporary exhibits in the diverse fields of archeology, ethnography, post and philately, folklore, Judaica, traditional crafts, and popular art, cultural history, and local identity. The museum, which is one of the third largest in Israel, is spread over an area of some 20 acres, and comprises about 15 buildings and various installations. Hundreds of thousands of items are housed in the diverse museum collections, among them numerous and rare treasures. The tour will include the outdoor exhibits, and will be guided by the curator Dr. Etan Ayalon. The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History presents Israel’s national treasures of nature, selected from a scientific collection of five and a half million items. In its exhibitions you will see thousands of items gathered through the years, in rare exhibits and displays that tell the story of the natural world around us. The mission of the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History at Tel Aviv University is to inspire acquisition of knowledge, to promote understanding, and to reinforce our bonds with nature and our place within it – for the benefit of future generations. Prof. Tamar Dayan, the museum chair, will be guiding us.

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