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IWC Archaeology is Heading to Jerusalem!

IWC Archaeology - Jerusalem Day Trip 30/11/17

IWC Archaeology is stepping out of the classroom on Thursday, Nov. 30th for a close-up look of our subject of study: the Archaeology of Jerusalem.

We'll be visiting two of Jerusalem's most fascinating museums - the Tower of David and Israel Museum - both of which illuminate the ongoing challenges of confirming a definitive narrative of the city's ancient past and creating a relevant identity for the modern capital's future.

The itinerary will be as follows:

7:30 - Depart from Gate 4 of Tel Aviv University (don't be late!), stop in Latrun

10:30-12:30 - Tower of David Tour: “Jerusalem through the Ages” 13:00-14:00 - Lunch at Israel Museum 14:30-16:00 - Tour in Israel Museum: "Jerusalem in Detail" 16:30 - Return to TLV Stop at Latrun

The cost will be NIS 220 per person with all transportation, museum entrance fees and guided tours included. The Tower of David Museum provides a comprehensive guided tour called, Jerusalem Through the Ages. The tour includes the panorama of both east and west Jerusalem from the Citadel’s towers, a visit to the Citadel guardrooms where the history of the city from the Canaanite period until the establishment of the State of Israel is presented, and views of historical models depicting the city in different time periods and a tour of the Citadel itself and its archaeological artifacts.

Keeping in mind our first lecture with Prof. Oded Lipschits and his hypothesis contradicting conventional reconstructions of the ancient city, we will no doubt be looking at these historical models with a critical eye. The Israel Museum will be showcasing the exhibition Jerusalem in Detail. The exhibition was inspired by the research of David Kroyanker, a leading chronicler of Jerusalem architecture, and focuses on often overlooked but highly symbolic design motifs hidden in the city’s streets and buildings. It enables visitors to hone their observational skills and discover the functional and decorative details that say so much about the many nations, cultures, and ways of life that left their mark over the centuries. The display spotlights Jerusalem’s cosmopolitan visual richness and whets the appetite for further exploration of the city.

Please note, this trip is suitable for people who are independent and do not need assistance. It is open to all English speakers in addition to IWC Archaeology members. Remember that time is a flexible dimension and may vary slightly from the plan. Please wear good walking shoes. Contact information: Ilona -; 054 4506678 Noa -; 054 5906573

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